USB Cable Connectors

USB cables and connectors are used to connect several devices to a computer. Different computer peripherals and accessories such as the monitor, keyboards, web cameras, microphones, printers, scanners, speakers, and even external hard drives are connected to the computer CPU through cables and connectors. More so, electronic devices and gadgets can also be connected to the computer through cables and connectors. These connectors allow the transfer of data—both sending and receiving—from and to the computer and the external device or gadget. Some cables are also used for charging different devices.

Standard USB cables have two ends, namely the receptacle or the female end and the plug or the male end. The plug is the connector that is attached to the computer. The receptacle is the connector mounted on the host or the device. The plug is the rectangular connector. The receptacle is usually a square connector that is common in printers and portable hard drive. A USB icon is required to be embossed on the “topside” of every plug do as to avoid inserting the plug incorrectly to the computer. The USB icon should also be shown adjacent to every receptacle. These requirements help in identifying how the connectors should be inserted in the USB port of the computer and in the device or gadget.

usb 1.0Each USB cable connector has four pins—two pins are used for power and the other two pins are used for data transmission. The pins for power connection are generally longer than the pins for data transmission. This is to allow the cable to connect the power supply first, and then establish the data connection afterwards. This sequence lessens the risk of transferring possible dangerous voltage that might destroy the computer and/or the gadget.

However, the release of new devices and gadgets gave way to the introduction of new forms of cables and connectors. Mini-USB and Micro-USB cables are introduced to allow the connection and transfer of data between computers and media players, cameras, and smartphones. Both of these versions of USB connectors have an extra pin called the ID. In the Mini-USB connectors, the ID pin is normally not connected and was added for future improvements to be introduced to the USB standard. On the other hand, the ID pin in the Micro-USB connectors work as an A or as a B connector.

Mini-USB cable connectors are developed to cater the need to improve the connection and communication between a computer and small gadgets like digital cameras and mobile telephones. Since these gadgets are much smaller in size than the computer, it is impractical to have the standard USB port in these gadgets. Thus, there is a need for smaller port and smaller USB cable connector. This gives way to the introduction of Mini-USB cable connectors. With the same functionality as that of the standards rectangular and square connectors, the Mini-USB connecters was well-received by gadget manufacturers.

In 2007, Micro USB cable connectors were released. These USB cables are made for the smaller and thinner gadgets that are recently made available to the public. These smaller cables are specially design to last longer than its mini-USB counterpart, it can be used for more than 10000 connect/disconnect cycles. Micro-USB connectors also allow small devices and gadgets to both act as a master and a slave when connected to a computer. The USB cable connectors allow the device to easily switch from master to slave and vice versa. This technology is called USB On-The-Go or USB OTG. Because of these improvements in the USB cable technology, Micro-USB connectors became widely used in smartphones, PDAs, and cellular phones.

Today, USB cables or Universal Serial Bus Connectors are categorized as USB 2.0 Type A, USB 2.0 Type B, USB 2.0 Mini Type B 4 Position, USB 2.0 Mini Type B 5 Position, USB 2.0 Micro B, USB 3.0 Type A, USB 3.0 Type B, and USB 3.0 Micro Type B.

Logo Lanyards as the ‘In’ Thing

Lanyards are huge colorful straps described as a cord intended for holding an item around the neck. Lanyard seems a new item to some but it actually has been around for centuries. A lanyard back then was called “Laniere” meaning ‘thong’ or ‘strap’ and was used for attaching a whistle, pistol or a sword to uniforms of soldiers in the French military.

Nowadays, lanyards stay as decorative items and have a more modern look. They have metal clasps used for holding items like keys and electronic devices like cameras and mp3’s but they are mostly used to hold identification cards for schools and other establishments. Lanyards may come in different colors and designs. The lanyards with designs are called logo lanyards or printed lanyards.

Lanyards are sold everywhere and people can buy the lanyards with the design they like but sometimes they can’t see the design they want in some lanyards so they ask someone to make their lanyards with the design they like. Yes, these lanyards can be custom made and the person can give the desired design to be imprinted on the lanyards.

Words and pictures can be put on logo lanyards so it is a good promotional item for a business or for companies. Lanyards have been popular among school children, so most of them wear logo lanyards. The lanyards they use usually have images of their favorite cartoon characters or a name or image of the sports team they like. Other school children’s lanyards come in different bright and attractive colors.

Many online stores provide custom logo lanyards. Back in 1991, there were already companies that offered custom printed lanyards. They make any lanyards and the design the customers want to be put on their lanyards. They have different themes for their lanyards such as college, sports, animal print, motivational, and religious, where they put the name or logo of the said themes on the lanyards. They also provide different types and styles of lanyards in affordable prices.

LL-5Lanyards have also become a fashion statement for young people. Like the necklace some see as jewelry, young people buy lanyards with beautiful designs and show them off to their friends. They can also pair their lanyards with the clothes they use. Most of them use their lanyards as cell phone holders, the cell phone acting like a big golden pendant. The lanyards used as fashion statements are those with intricate designs that will catch everyone’s attention. It can be with bright neon type design or the glittery design.

Lanyards actually have many uses and it depends on the person who wears it on where it will be used. Sometimes they are used as wallet key chains. Some let them dangle around their neck or outside their pockets. Some use them for bottle holders and pouch holders. Others put button pins on their lanyards for additional design.

Children, teens and adults will love logo lanyards not only because of the beautiful design but also for the reason that lanyards will come great in their everyday use. Children will love the cartoon character designs, the colorful strap that will be around their neck as an ID holder or pouch holder. Teens will feel proud as they wear their lanyards with their school or university logo, the same with teens who wear the lanyard with the sport team they belong to either inside or outside of the school. Adults will also love to use their lanyards in their work either as an ID holder, key holder, USB holder or a holder for electric devices such as cell phones.

Simply put, lanyards are for everyone.

How to Use Misters : From Above or From Below

Several house plants favor levels of humidity between 70 percent and 80 percent. Regardless of whether people water their outdoor plants with a soft squirt coming from a hose or mist their house plants on a regular basis using a squirt bottle, misting vegetation may somewhat raise the moisture levels. Since plants soak up nutrients and water solely through the roots, watering the foliage does not really increase their nourishment. Yet, it slows down the shedding of liquid through the leaves. Figuring out whether to use misters from above or from below necessitates an assessment of the important things about every approach.

Misting Outdoor Plants

It is not really questionable why some people are anxious about watering outdoor or backyard plants from above. It could possibly be because people may have heard that sprinkling water on the plants throughout the sunniest time of the day may burn them once the ray of the sun strike the tiny water droplets that rest on the vegetation. However, plant experts say that this is simply hearsay and there really is no truth to it. Even though misting under the heat of the sun may possibly hurt the gardener, it is not going to damage the plants.

Using misters from below for outdoor plants can be done by focusing the liquid on the encompassing soil. This process minimizes evaporation and makes it possible for the plants to soak up dampness through their roots without having to submerge them in the extra water that accompany heavy watering.

Misting Indoor Plants

An average level of humidity inside the house could just be comfortable for both animals and humans. However, for the indoor house plants, this humidity level is not always favorable. The humidity in the house, specifically during the winter season, may fall much too low for indoor house plants to survive. Because of this, home gardeners usually use plant misters to water their foliage from above with the assumption that they are giving them their much needed dampness by means of greater humidity. This process is probably not the best approach to elevate humidity though. Experts suggest that utilizing misters boost dampness for a really brief time period to the extent that repeating the process becomes required. Misting indoor plants from below, on the other hand, permits moisture to reach the soil and go right down to the plant roots where vegetation can make good use of it.


Prior to spraying the plants, bear in mind that there are disadvantages of misting from above. Once the leaves of several plants are put through excessive or continuous wetness from the misting process, they become weaker and more vulnerable to getting fungal and bacterial infections. It has been suggested that dampness on the leaves generates an atmosphere where fungal spores are most likely to emerge. People have also been cautioned that regular misting coupled with inadequate air flow helps bring about the development and propagation of bacteria on the leaves of the plants. Watering the soil down below the foliage does not trigger water to fall on the plant leaves. When vegetation is properly and regularly watered, using misters from below offers no extra advantages.

Alternate Options

Since the majority of horticulturists are encouraged to water their plants because of their desire to provide them with more water, other more beneficial methods have been made available. For outdoor vegetation, just enhance misting by putting water to the bottom in order for to get to the roots where plants can best take in and use the water. Install a mister and humidifier at home to be able to provide the indoor house plants with higher humidity and assure they do not dry. Placing foliage on trays full of water and pebbles or situating a number of plants close to each other can also help improve humidity.

Live Chat Service: Who Needs It?

Not everyone who is competing in the cutthroat online commerce will derive significant benefit from using a live chat service. For a business to get the full benefits that a live support provides, it must fall in several criteria that have been proven to be compatible with the service.

Business that cater to customers who speak different languages can definitely benefit from a live chat software and service. Indeed, instant support is necessary in order to ensure that no miscommunication occurs between the business front end and the customer.

live chatThis is so because in a business website that is accessible to many people who speak varied languages, translation of the actual site may lead to problems and misunderstanding. Live agents who speak the language of the customers can prevent this translation problem and ensure customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate it when they see that their needs are taken care of by the business without them asking for it. Hence, having a live agent who speak the customers language can help increase goodwill, improve business reputation, and ultimately, contribute significantly to the profit margin,

Another business entity that can benefit thoroughly from instant chat support is one that relies heavily on statistics for survival. Chat software providers constantly monitor customers and collate real-time statistics and forward these to their clients. Businesses can use the statistics to develop products based on the customer stats that was provided by the chat support software.

This could help businesses stay a step ahead of the competition. Live chat is also very important for businesses that are trying to catch up with the rest of the field or are trying to break into a new market segment.

Entrepreneurs who are looking to foster customer satisfaction fast can rely on chat programs that allow multiple transactions quickly and in one swoop. Chat support programs usually have a feature that allows clients to talk to several customers at the same time. These chat programs also allow clients to transfer or redirect customers to another department or a specific person to answer their queries.

Customer data collection is also available for entrepreneurs who wish to increase their market base and convert potential customers into loyal and repeat customers. This goal is achieved by using a chat software feature that allows businesses to initiate contacts with a potential customer who previously used the chat service.

Startups are also one of those who may benefit from an online live support program. New businesses must make a good first impression to begin attracting customers and slowly chip away from the lead of the established market players. One way to make a good impression is by having a dedicated and effective chat support program that is always on standby to ensure customers get the answers to their questions instantly.

Correctly answering the problems and questions of customers allow the business to establish a good reputation. This can help a startup build connections not only with customers but also with potential contacts thanks to the media exposure that a chat support can provide.

In addition, new businesses can try a chat support program for free by subscribing to trial accounts offered by providers. Some businesses enter the market with very little capital outlays that makes it difficult for them to pay for advertisements and other marketing ploys. Hence, a trial period for a live chat service can make the life of a startup more bearable if not profitable.

Established businesses that are trying the online market for the first time or are planning to conquer a new segment may also benefit from a live support program that is integrated into its website. A good chat support software attracts customers. Chances are, if the business is new, an effective and attractively programmed chat software can bring in new customers who may have not heard of the products sold on the website.

Indeed, live chat software and services can play a vital role in ensuring the success of an e-commerce website or blog.

Author Bio:

ApexChat will develop a custom script (set of canned responses) that will be used by our live chat agents to conduct chats on your behalf. We have processed hundreds of thousands of chats on behalf of thousands of businesses of different types. We have deep insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Pin Tactics I: Get More Followers in Facebook

Do you want more traffic in your Facebook account? Are you thinking to get more followers and increase you engagements? You do not have to buy facebook followers anymore. Just one person managing your account will get you more attention and promote your business than doing something that can get your brand suspended from the site.

Here are advices along with a few sure fire ways to get followers in the increasingly popular Facebook social networking site. Because of the new update condemning those who buy facebook followers, these are also ban-proof and entirely natural:

• Why choose Facebook as your advertisement/marketing tool?

facebook followersWith around 25 million users, it is one of the most popular social media networks, despite being relatively newer than its counterparts. Nearly half of US online shoppers made purchases based on Facebook recommendations, proving it to be a great tool for marketing and advertisement.

Some interesting facts about Facebook:

  • On Facebook you can receive likes, comments, clicks, re-pins and impressions. These can bring visitors to your site, can increase sales and also generate leads and even build your Facebook brand.
  • A pin on an averagely popular board can get re-pinned an average of ten times. This is relatively high compared to a tweet that is usually re-tweeted only 1% of the time.
  • According to studies, a Facebook pin generates e-commerce site sales of $0.78 on average.

• Make your profile right

  • Your Facebook username should match your real name or business name to help people find you more easily.
  • Fill the descriptions section and let the visitors learn the basics about you or your business.
  • Include links to your sites as often as possible.
  • Upload a profile photo, a face photo, a relevant logo or icon.

• Pin, Re-pin, Comment

  • The more you share and pin to your boards, the more you will get your name out to the world. You don’t have to buy facebook followers to get your name up at the popularity boards if you are active enough.
  • Your details are displayed below each pin, so users can see you and have an access to your boards.
  • Facebook is an image platform so post high-quality and interesting images.
  • Planning eye-catching content can get you more attention and this will lead to more followers.
  • Brand images are 23% more likely to be repined if it is a photo or description of the product rather than of somebody’s faces.
  • Make sure that you would only pin things that will interest your followers and represent your brand. Always be relevant.
  • Re-pin related and interesting posts. Because 80% of the pins on Facebook are re-pins, doing so will garner you attention. And the right re-pins on the right boards will get you followers and re-pins.
  • Studies show that colourful images are preferred and are more likely clicked than darker and bland images.
  • When pinning an image, the site allows you to follow sites that have posted the same image before. Use this feature to your advantage and pin more pictures, providing people with the option of following you. Attract more followers by posting many relevant images.

• Stay active in the site.

Try to visit the “Popular” feed as often as possible and comment on the top pins. Don’t just comment random pins or write two-word, irrelevant comments. Be thoughtful and relevant at all times. Show that you are knowledgeable about the topic and attract visitors that may become your followers. But remember not to comment more than three times a day or you’ll be marked for spamming and may get banned or suspended. Anyway, the new Policy update also warned that user accounts may get banned if they get flagged multiple times for their decision to buy facebook followers or re-pins.

Whenever you can, always mention or credit other users in your comments or pin descriptions. Say something nice or helpful and compliment them as you do, this will encourage them to visit and possibly follow you. Contribute to the top group or interest boards with a good reputation and preferably a good number of followers. But you have to make sure you contribute quality pins so that their followers can become yours in the end.

Choose users and boards with the same interests as you because they are more likely to follow you back. A little trick is to follow between one to three hundred people a day. Wait for a few days to see if they returned the favor. If they chose not to, unfollow them and then repeat the steps. A bit of fact: Consumers using Facebook follow retailers so they can get a good canvass of items they would like to purchase.

Status of Evolution in SEO: What Webmasters Can and Can’t Do Today

In a world where the best SEO tactics mean more money, webmasters are always on the lookout for what is new. It seems that there is just one thing that stands in the way: Google. The Big G or Google has been very open about its campaign to keep the internet free from spammers and the use of BHSEO or Black Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques. For those who don’t know what BHSEO is, the explanation here is simple. It is an effective way of getting traffic fast for a website but it does this by the utilization of tactics considered by search engines as unethical.

It is true that Google isEvolution in SEO not the only search engine in the internet as of this time. It seems to be the sole one there due to the fact that it is widely popular and its users are already quite used to its name. Google have been setting the bar high these days when it comes to SEO standards. Of course, all other search engines have no choice but to follow its lead. Just take note of the efforts of Yahoo and Bing to create their own versions of Google’s sandbox.

The evolution in SEO industries all over the world has been apparent just these past couple of years. This is through the algorithm updates that Google has been implementing one after another. Webmasters who are planning to establish and run new websites should be aware of how these updates in algorithm have been changing trends and standards in the industry. It is a good idea to focus on the three most relevant updates of the Big G which includes Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

•Google Panda: In February 2011, many website owners were caught by surprise of this algorithm update by Google. The main aim of this update is to eliminate poor quality websites and retain the good ones. The online community was given hints before about this impending implementation of the update but apparently, a lot of people did not understand the scope of its effects.

Under this update, sites were marked as poor or good through a series of surveys conducted on user groups. Of course, inspections of sites and the contents therein were also done. A big no-no is the presence of too much irrelevant content on the pages of sites. Another one is the appearance of a high level of duplicate content. Website owners who have resorted to the use of keyword stuffing are the ones that have been slapped with penalties. Such penalties included temporary sending of sites to the sandbox. In the worst case scenario, a website is totally banned or removed from the indexes of Google.

  • Google Penguin: 2012 was marked by yet another update from Google. The Google Penguin update addressed a more technical side of SEO which is the use of back links. During earlier years, LB or link building strategies were being used excessively by webmasters or site owners. This is because they are aware that Google uses the number of back links that a website have as a reference for granting of PR or page rank. PR is like a reputation level indicator that is seen as a good thing by potential visitors or clients in a web based site. This update discouraged the activity of link spammers and those who buy back links. On the good side, it has encouraged many webmasters to stick to the ethical rules of search engine optimization.
  • Google Hummingbird: The biggest yet most relevant Google algorithm update is the Hummingbird. It is apparent that 2013 will be known as the year when sites really give what people are looking for. The days when searches using keywords are basically being replaced by phrase searches have arrived. Sites that answer specific questions as typed in by web surfers are given more value. The smartness of search engines in actually looking through the intent of a web surfer is being made the focus of this update. This means that webmasters could concentrate more on the value of their websites in terms of information and not just on link or keyword presence. This is one of the many reasons why blogs are totally favored by the Google Hummingbird update.

SEO has really been evolving fast through these years. Webmasters ought to prepare for a possibility of another algorithm update. With this in thought, search engine optimization will definitely take another step in its evolution!